Cumbria County Council Highways maintenance funding

Highways DfT £12m

In October 2018 Cumbria County Council was awarded an additional £12m for local highways maintenance including the repair of potholes, to keep bridges and structures open and safe, as well as to help aid other minor highways works that may be required.

Cumbria County Council received the funding in January 2019 and as part of the funding agreement all works and funding must be completed by the end of the financial year in March 2019.

During this period our highways teams undertook approx. 100 projects across the county, this allowed us to accelerate some high priority projects which were originally planned for 2019-20.

Outlined below is the breakdown of spends from this funding.

Local 'pothole/ patching/ crack sealing' repairs over winter £365,762
Scheme Delivery - Bridge Works £1,807,353
Scheme Delivery - Footways and Cycleways £181,650
Scheme Delivery - Carriageway £8,856,554
Scheme Delivery - Drainage £296,646
Scheme Delivery - Street Lighting £289,076
Scheme Delivery - Tree works to reduce vehicle strikes £167,938
Scheme Delivery - Hardening of grass verges £39,021
Total £12,004,000

Tithe Barn before

Tithe Barn after

Above is a before and after of the safety railings at Tithe Barn, Keswick

The following schemes were completed across the county:

Dalton Road Route Management £28,670
City Centre - Scotch Street/ English Street £20,776
Victoria Viaduct £28,620
Eastern Way - Fire Station to ATC Building £1,641
Greystone Road £8,743
Furze Street £5,778
A6 London Road cycle lane - Harrby green to Harraby Grove £11,495
A7 Eden Bridge - Hawdwicke Circus to Cricket Club £27,854
A6 Botchergate - Brook St to St Cuthbert Street £11,137
A685 Market Street, Kirkby Stephen - Social Club to Kelso House £36,946
Total £181,650

Footway Victoria Viaduct London Road before

Footway on Victoria Viaduct                           London Road before      

The following schemes were completed across the county:

B5301 Patching/Overlays £5,789
Lillyhall to Dean Phase 1 £180,824
Aspatria to Mealsgate Phase 2 £351,506
Scaw Road High Harrington £99,196
Kirkbampton £179,594
Thornthwaite £263,833
Wood Street, Maryport £64,829
Threapland Moss £71,258
Braithwaite Village £139,880
Wigton to Kirkbride Ph 2 £65,349
Rear of Dover and Hastings Street £9,107
Rear of Baden Powell and Methuen Street £211,416
Hawcoat Lane, Clovelly Terrace to Baldwin Street £81,191
Thorncliffe Road, Hawcoat Lane to Thornfield Park £41,825
Sowerby Woods Industrial Estate £23,202
Michealson Road Roundabout £62,459
Houghton Village £71,733
North of Kirkcambeck/Penton Xrds/Green Rigg £563,584
Burnrigg to Sandy Lane £49,548
Plains Road, Wetheral £118,374
Carlatton Mill £108,485
Port Carlisle Road (Cattle Grid to Boustead Hill) £41,709
Wormanby Farm £29,790
Hawksdale Corners £87,136
Kingstown (Brunthill Road) £105,686
Whinlatter Road, Mirehouse Concrete road £136,289
Main Street, Egremont £42,712
Chapel Street/Ehen Court Road Egremont £94,752
Asby to Kidburngill £81,758
Queen Street/Sandhills Court, Whitehaven £44,194
Preston Street Whitehaven £41,374
Bookwell/Castle jnct £36,040
Longmoor Common Ennerdale £28,301
Earls Road Bransty £11,227
Woodend Egremont £47,528
Santon Bridge to Nether Wasdale £63,107
Lancashire Road, Millom £52,174
Adamthwaite, Nr Ravenstonedale (Including Artlegarth) £265,423
Colby To Kings Meaburn Road (Including Hawkrigg) £257,854
A6 Junction Old Town, High Hesket  To Hazel Cottage £424,338
Motherby to Greystoke Phase 2 £147,465
M6 Bridge to Pallet Hill £668,168
Silver Ridge to Hale £72,313
Fairbank Kirkby Lonsdale £57,851
Burneside Road (Windermere Road to Busher Walk £2,523
Holker Mosses, Low Wood to Ellerside Moss £224,558
Grange, Wood Yard to Lindale Rbt                £142,167
Tow Top Road,  High Newton £69,280
Faraway Farm £24,501
Fell End Caravan Park Hale £30,161
Bluecaster Side, Cautley £18,700
Chapel Hill  Farleton £56,941
Middle Fell Houses, Kitridding £29,698
Middleshaw Bridge to Limefoot £29,322
Marshes Road Heversham £74,913
Crabtree Lane, Lupton £31,238
Docker Lane Docker £74,622
Hawkrigg Lane (North End of straight) £72,792
Tosca (Tosca Cottage to Icornshaw) £44,104
Whetstone Lane, Prizet £5,480
Cinderbarrow Levens £89,267
Mint Dale and Mint Close, Kendal £20,528
Skelsmergh Flat Farm £42,979
Skelsmergh Tarn £39,612
Wraysholme Lane (North of Wrayside - Level Crossing) £24,178
Sedbergh Rd (Old Road) Section 1 £20,271
Back Finkle Street, Kendal £35,350
Blackhall Road (WSC CP Entrance) £27,080
Loop Road, Kirby Lonsdale £46,935
A597 Lakes College £35,671
A597 Lakes College to Salterbeck £170,600
A590 Ocean Road, Biggar to Empress Drive £219,346
A6 Carleton House to Springfield Farm £402,628
A5093 The Oaks to Hallthwaites £132,061
A5086 Crossgates to Scallow Farm £40,056
Rowrah £263,735
A6 South of Shap Beck £101,268
A591 Kendal Bypass £398,916
A5092 Spark Bridge to Broughton - Various Sections £214,902
Total £8,856,554

B5288 before B5288 after

B5288 before and after

A5086 before A5086 after 

A5086 before and after