Highways permits, licences, fees and charges

Permits, licences, fees and charges
Highway roads - fees chargesCharge from April 2021
Charges to utilities for New Roads and Streetworks Act (NRSWA) activities
Sample inspections  £50
Defect joint inspections  £47.50
Remedial works inspection  £47.50
Inspection of completed remedial works  £47.50
Investigatory inspection  £68.50
Street works licence 410
Street works consent  £355
Street works permit  £355
Change of contractor  £34
Re-activation  £34
Pre-site inspection  £57
Traffic Regulation Orders
Temporary road closures (complex closures will incur additional charges at cost)  £680
Amend Traffic Regulation Order  £378
Arrange re-advertising of Traffic Regulation Order  £82
Emergency or urgent works  £431
Re-activation cost of issuing a road closure  £378
Charges for Permits etc
Vehicle Access Permit (individual residential property)  £270
Vehicle Access Permit (multiply properties and commercial use)  £755
Scaffolding  £82
Hoardings at building work adjacent to the highway  £108
Street Cafes - excluding legal fee  £163
Advertising kiosks, rotundas, banners  £136
Ramps  £270
Licence for adjoining landowners to plant trees, shrubs  £136
Skip Permit  £33
Deposition of building materials  £65
Permit for district/parish council to place furniture in the highway  £82
Licence for projections / building over highway  £324
Temporary excavation in the highway  £324
Initial assessment of tourism signing  £136
Contractors waivers - equivalent to off street charge.