Have your say on our Highways service

Highways Information Management Project

Cumbria County Council has committed in its council plan to put the customer at the heart of everything we do and is focussed on delivering a consistent high-quality customer experience by involving customers in the design of services and encouraging customers who can self-serve. 

As part of this commitment, the Council determined that the customer experience needed to be improved in the Highways service, particularly in reporting and receiving feedback for problems on the Highway, raising enquiries and accessing information by making it readily available online, by telephone and email. 

The Highways Information Management project team have been consulting to develop the system used to manage customer information and highways resource.

Highways Feedback Survey

The Highways Feedback Survey was an initial consultation with customers - plenty more opportunities will be coming soon! 

1137 participants shared their experiences when engaging with the service and provided suggestions on how we could improve their experience. 

The feedback will be used to influence the service moving forward. By understanding customers' experiences when engaging with the service, future improvements will be led by customer insight. 

There are three reports available for you to view that will give you full transparency on the results and key findings from the survey.

What happens next?

The Highways project team will be reviewing the results from the Highways Feedback Survey and will be developing a 'You said, we did' piece that will be shared over the coming months.

The document will present how the customer feedback provided in this survey will be integrated in the service.