Kingmoor Railway Bridge and the River Eden Bridge

Kingmoor Railway Bridge

Kingmoor Railway Bridge

The new road crosses over the West Coast Main Line and three other railway lines on a four-span, steel composite bridge at Kingmoor.

The existing rail bridge was demolished during a pre-planned closure of the railway during Christmas 2009. Before this happened, a temporary single lane bridge, with a speed limit of 20mph, was erected (in September 2009). Work on the temporary bridge began in July 2009. 

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River Eden Bdg25

River Eden Bridge

River Eden Bridge

A new two span composite steel and concrete bridge has been constructed over the River Eden near Stainton.  Due to the high ecological significance of the River Eden special care was taken to minimise any disturbance during the construction process.  This included the use of quieter rotary bored pile foundations, as opposed to driven piles, to form a suitable bearing platform on which to support the heavy structure above.  Special "weathering" steel was used to fabricate the beams which do not require maintenance although the outer beams were painted to help ensure the bridge fitted more sympathetically with the surrounding landscape setting.

The steelwork was fabricated in the North East before being transported by road to Carlisle in sections.  Assembly of the beams took place on both banks of the river and a massive 1200 tonne crane was employed to lift the steelwork into place.  The beams were temporarily joined together in mid air over the river whilst the final connection welds were completed.  Natural sandstone cladding has been used to face the supports to help it "fit" into the beautiful landscape.

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