Street Lights

Report a faulty street light

The responsibility for road lighting falls with the authority who is responsible for the road that the road lighting is placed in. In Cumbria this means that the street light may fall under the responsibility of the highways agency, Carlisle City Council or Cumbria County Council. Please refer to who's responsible for your roads if your require this information.

Cumbria County Council believe that lighting of both the road and footway contributes to improving safety, reducing crime, helping business, improving the urban night-time environment and encouraging walking and cycling after dark.   Equally we recognise the problems caused by light pollution and we have policies and standards which take into account location and environmental factors.

As we are responsible for the majority of Cumbria's roads, we manage and maintain some 50,000 road lighting units, illuminated signs and bollards. With schools across Carlisle starting back for a new school year, our Highways team in the Carlisle Area have been out checking and updating the flashing School warning signs. These flashing signs help to remind motorist in and around our schools to slow down and take more care as children make their way to and from their school each day.

The main objectives of the provision and maintenance of road lighting are:

  • To provide a safe network for all highway users, taking into account the needs of more vulnerable groups, but with the principal aim of reducing night-time accidents

  • To maintain road lighting to a standard which ensures as far as possible a safe, economic, effective and reliable operation

  • To contribute to crime reduction strategies by improving lighting where funding is available, in order to improve a safer night-time environment in specific problem areas

  • To contribute to the economic well-being of the county by helping transport movements and enhancing the night time environment of urban areas, including tourist centres

  • To protect the night-time environment by setting levels of lighting provision which reflect the variety and diversity of the county.

Using road lighting columns

You may not use road lighting columns as supports for advertising signs of any kind except where recognised organisations (ie. Automobile Association or RAC) have been granted permission for the erection of short-term temporary direction or information signs.  

You may not use road lighting columns as a support or source of electrical supply for decorations without the consent of the appropriate authority.

You cannot erect banners, flags or catenary wires between two or more road lighting columns. Flower baskets can be erected but the must be clamp on type and only where the road lighting column has been specifically designed to carry the additional weight and wind loads of the basket.