Traffic lights

Traffic signals provide many benefits to road users. 

For example, traffic signals at junctions have timed phases to allow the safe movement of vehicles. These phases are calculated to minimize the risk of collisions occurring.

Pedestrians and cyclists can also cross the road in safety and signals and lights can provide better priority for public transport.

Buses may be given priority through the use of electronic equipment installed in the signals and in the bus.

Turning manoeuvres for cyclists are made safer and easier to accomplish, for example, through the provision of advanced stop lines and approach lanes. Pedestrian phases may be introduced to assist crossing the road.

Puffin crossings  incorporate features that monitor pedestrians crossing the road in order to give more crossing time for those who need it.

Toucan crossings  are provided at locations where there are likely to be significant numbers of cyclists and horse riders, allowing them to cross the road safely without having to dismount.

Traffic lights are inspected and maintained on a regular basis. 

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