Snow ploughing and clearance

Whilst we can spread salt to prevent ice from forming before it is forecast, we cannot deal with snow until it has fallen. This may sound obvious, but it is the major difference in the way these two problems can be addressed.

Snowfall is often unpredictable and fairly localised. For this reason, our supervisors need to monitor the weather very closely when it is forecast, to enable them to get the right equipment to the right place to deal with it.

Often, when snow is forecast, the gritters will have the snowploughs fitted before leaving the depot on the salting runs. This allows them to deal with the snow without having to return to the depot. We also have a limited number of snow blowers which are used to deal with deep snow.

We clear the first priority roads and, once they are clear, we move onto the second priority routes. Once these are clear, we aim to clear at least one access road into each community. However, if conditions deteriorate, we will concentrate out efforts on the higher priority roads.