Highway development control

Cumbria County Council, as highway authority, is a statutory consultee of the planning process and is charged with advising the nine planning authorities in Cumbria (the county council, the six district councils and the two national park authorities) in order to ensure that new developments proposals do not have a detrimental impact on the highway and transportation network and accord with current guidelines, policies and legislation.

The county council's 'Highway Authority Input to Development Control Code of Practice' sets out the way in which advice on planning applications is provided by Cumbria County Council as highway authority. 

The code of practice has been developed to give guidance to highways and transport staff representing the county council in drawing up advice to the county, district and national park planning authorities about the highway and transport issues raised by development proposals that are the subject of planning applications.  It is also intended to assist planning authority staff in their dealings with the highway authority and, in particular, how and when they should initiate consultation and the response that the council will endeavour to provide. 

The code may also be of use to developers to aid understanding of the requirements of the county council in relation to highways and transport.