Traffic Regulation Orders

Broughton-in-Furness Traffic Regulation Order

 Title  Date  Size
3/12/2020 278k

Carlisle Variation no. 60: U1301 Ruleholme Old Bridge, prohibition of all traffic

 Title  Date  Size
30/10/2020 80k
30/10/2020 88k
30/10/2020 3988k
30/10/2020 9k

Various roads, Keswick and surrounding areas (Consolidation and Provision of Traffic Regulations) Order 2020

 Title  Date  Size
16/10/2020 972k

Barrow Traffic Regulation Order No.39

 Title  Date  Size
2/10/2020 5573k

A595 Bothel, Great Broughton and Seaton proposed speed limit alterations

 Title  Date  Size
17/09/2020 326k
17/09/2020 295k
17/09/2020 94k
17/09/2020 91k
17/09/2020 370k
17/09/2020 54k

Sewell Lane Carlisle, proposed changes to Traffic Regulation Order

 Title  Date  Size
28/08/2020 334k

Scalegate Road (Newman School) new parking restrictions

 Title  Date  Size
4/08/2020 154k
4/08/2020 159k
4/08/2020 202k

Scalegate Road (Newman School) speed limit amendments

 Title  Date  Size
4/08/2020 165k
4/08/2020 150k

Daltongate and Thomas Way, Ulverston parking restrictions

 Title  Date  Size
30/07/2020 1439k
24/11/2020 555k

County Hall Kendal

 Title  Date  Size
21/07/2020 105k
21/07/2020 308k
21/07/2020 286k
21/07/2020 83k

Busher Walk, Kendal

 Title  Date  Size
11/08/2020 411k
11/06/2020 655k