Resilient road network

There have been several extreme weather events that have badly affected the UK transport network over the past decade, from which many lessons have been learnt. "Extreme weather" being those of:

  • high winds
  • heatwaves
  • flooding 
  • extreme cold 
  • snow and ice 

As a consequence local highway authorities are expected to identify a minimum core highway network that they would strive to keep continuously open, as far as is practicably possible, in periods of extreme weather; in order to protect essential economic activity and provide access to key services.

This is referred to as the Resilient Road Network (RRN) and is required to:

  1. Have links to the motorways and trunk road network that is the responsibility of Highways England.
  2. Ensure continuity with the RRN's of neighbouring local authorities. 

The roads that form the RRN are therefore our priority roads for the allocation of resources.

The current RRN of Cumbria County Council, which was last reviewed and updated in December 2019, can be seen on the colour coded map (PDF 3MB).