Abnormal loads

When a haulier wants to move an abnormal load of over 40 tonnes gross weight, they must notify us of the routes that they intend to use. Our consent must be obtained before the load is moved.

For vehicles over 80 tonnes gross weight, we require five working days notice.

For vehicles over 40 but less than 80 tonnes gross weight, we require two working days.

We will check the proposed route against our records to ensure that the load can be accommodated. If it is not suitable, then an alternative route will be required. It is the responsibility of the applicant to survey the proposed route and ensure its suitability before submitting a notice.

Any request for an abnormal load movement check through a proposed route must include an indemnity insurance to ensure that the cost of repairing the damage to the highway caused by transporting the abnormal load can be recovered.

Notice must be submitted to:

Cumbria Highways - Abnormal Loads 
Cumbria County Council
The Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Business Park

Email: abnormalloads@cumbria.gov.uk
Fax:    01228 227658

For further information, please visit the Highway Agency's ESDAL website