Coronavirus (COVID-19) - parking enforcement

In respect of parking services, the county council have restricted their on and off street parking enforcement. However, in accordance with government guidance, organised patrols and enforcement of particular areas may still take place as and when required if issues occur. As such, the council is reminding all drivers to ensure that their vehicle is parked safely and legally at all times.

The council has also suspended parking charges on their car parks, to reflect the Government guidance to enable key staff to park for free, also due to the significantly reduced numbers of users, and the lack of enforcement been carried out.

These decision have not been taken lightly given the importance of the services, however as this is an unprecedented situation and the health, safety and wellbeing of council staff, their families, customers, and local communities has to be the number one priority.

In the meantime, our parking enforcement team are assisting with the community hubs in transporting foods and equipment to vulnerable people in the community.