Unsuitable routes

Here you will find the survey sheets for the unsuitable routes.  Out of the 220 routes considered at the start, some 17% were considered unsuitable.  These are not shown on the accompanying maps - so they are neither red, amber or green.  We thought they were unsuitable for reasons such as:

  • they are in fact surfaced, for instance with tarmac,
  • they are blocked at the moment,
  • they are on tidal sands (Morecambe Bay),
  • they are short dead-ends.

If you download each survey sheet you will understand some of our reasons why we thought each route was unsuitable for this Hierarchy of Trails Routes system.  

In order to build on this information, we would greatly appreciate any feedback, either from recreational vehicle users, or landowners, farmers, local people, walkers, cyclists and horse-riders!  You can contact us using the information below, or provide feedback through the Cumbria Local Access Forum.  

All comments will be considered for additions to the survey sheets.  A site meeting with a ranger could also be arranged where necessary.  

Unsuitable Routes

No documents currently available.