Cumbria Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Cumbria ROWIP was produced by Cumbria County Council (the Highway Authority) and its partners in July 2007. It shows how we might improve the extensive network of paths, tracks and other means of public access across Cumbria to meet the needs of the county's residents and its many visitors both now and in the future. It seeks to:



  • improve the range and quality of access in key parts of Cumbria to address a shortfall in provision, and to meet higher standards and expectations
  • modify some parts of the public rights of way network into a shape and form which fits more closely with modern needs, and links more effectively with other modes of transport
  • make parts of the network much more attractive and 'user-friendly' for a wider range of current and potential users, including families and young people, people who don't currently take much exercise, minority groups and people with limited mobility.

Why is the ROWIP important?

The ROWIP has the potential to make a real difference for the residents of Cumbria, as well as for the millions of people who visit the area each year. Research has shown what users really want and identified a range of things which could be done to meet their needs and expectations. These range in scale and include a mix of large and small-scale projects, such as:

  • projects that integrate public transport services with some rights of way (such as the South Lakes 'boot, bus, bike and boat' network)
  • creating attractive short circular walks in and around where people live and visit, by making path improvements, links between paths and verges or off-road sections of path
  • to make them safer developing routes for local communities including better ways to schools, shops and services by foot, bicycle and public transport
  • improving information and awareness about what to do and where to go, and to encourage use by people who don't currently visit the countryside but who wouldlike to.