Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) Register

In 2005 a statutory instrument was published. This meant that the highway authorities must make available the register of all outstanding Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) applications. This should be published in paper format, and electronically on the website.  

We have presented the DMMO information, firstly for Cumbria (outside the Lake District National Park), and then for the Lake District National Park.  

The Registers will be updated on a regular basis.

The application and map for each case have been scanned into a case file as adobe pdf documents.  These case files are cross-referenced by a unique number to the file ref column in the registers (and path number).

For further information about any of these applications, or feedback about this page, please use the information in 'contact us' on the left hand menu.

Statutory Instrument

Cumbria (outside the Lake District National Park)


Case Files

 Title  Date  Size
24/08/2020 1108k
29/08/2013 115k
24/08/2020 469k
1/12/2015 2608k
24/08/2020 3081k
27/08/2020 407k
12/02/2016 365k
9/04/2013 276k
30/06/2016 165k
18/09/2020 584k
24/08/2020 247k
31/01/2019 446k
24/08/2020 47k
24/08/2020 202k
23/08/2020 88k
24/08/2020 760k
24/08/2020 486k
30/10/2020 198k
30/10/2020 99k
24/08/2020 139k
24/08/2020 88k
24/08/2020 108k
24/08/2020 167k
29/10/2020 607k
18/12/2020 3394k
24/08/2020 55k
18/06/2012 260k
24/08/2020 148k
24/08/2020 151k
24/08/2020 224k
27/06/2011 366k
22/12/2020 346k
27/08/2020 1097k
24/08/2020 74k
24/08/2020 179k
3/10/2013 1060k
27/08/2020 164k
27/08/2012 284k
24/08/2020 283k
30/10/2020 98k
24/08/2020 151k
24/08/2020 314k
24/08/2020 705k
24/08/2020 101k
24/08/2020 146k
8/06/2016 306k
24/08/2020 189k
24/08/2020 137k
24/08/2020 96k
17/01/2019 78k

Lake District National Park Area