Open Access in Cumbria

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act gives the public the right to walk freely on large areas of countryside in England and Wales - around one million hectares (4,000 square miles) in total. People are free to walk, picnic, birdwatch, run and climb where they want. But it does not mean people can drive vehicles, cycle, ride horses or go camping unless it is already allowed in a designated area. To protect ground-nesting birds dogs need to be kept on leads between 1 March and 31 July on open access land and at all times around livestock.

In Cumbria, 825 square miles (2,137 square kilometres) of land was mapped as access land, with the process completed in May 2005. Below you can download a map showing the coverage of Cumbria's access land.  (Note - this map is for illustration purposes only).


Outline map of Cumbria illustrating the extent of open access land (PDF, 751KB)