Dangerous road junctions

One of the council's key transport priorities is to reduce the number of people that are killed or seriously injured on the roads in Cumbria. 

Each year a programme of engineering safety studies is carried out where clusters of accidents have occurred. This programme is developed, using the accident database, by a sub-group of the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership (CRSP) which includes Cumbria Police. We carry out studies at single sites, whole route lengths and in urban areas. The accidents are analysed to establish any patterns and, where possible, to identify engineering measures that are likely to reduce future collisions. 

The measures are then costed and prioritised on the basis of the number of accidents that are likely to be avoided. These measures could be schemes such as signing and road marking improvements, pedestrian improvements and minor junction improvements. The extent of the works we are able to carry out is directly related to the available financial resources. 

Locations where these works have been undertaken are then monitored for up to three years to ensure that the works have been successful. 

If you have any queries please contact the Highways Hotline (0300 303 2992) and your request will be forwarded to the correct person.