Workplace Travel Plans

What are Workplace Travel Plans?

Workplace travel plans are a way of encouraging efficient and environmentally friendly methods for travelling to work and at work. They do this through reducing single occupancy car trips to and at work. They seek to encourage the use of: lift sharing, buses, trains, walking, cycling and alternative working methods. 

What are the benefits of a Workplace Travel plan?

There are several benefits to companies and staff from a workplace travel plan being put into operation. These include: 

What is included in a Workplace Travel Plan?

A workplace travel plan would need to have support from business managers to be successful. It would require an assessment of existing transport links to the employment site. A survey of staff would be undertaken to find out existing travel patterns and travel problems. Based on this, measures would be introduced to achieve objectives to reduce single occupancy car travel.  Examples of such measures are: 

How does Cumbria County Council encourage Workplace Travel Plans?

Cumbria County Council is committed to encouraging travel plans in the workplace and can provide guidance and advice to any employer interested in producing a workplace travel plan.

Workplace travel plans are also being sought through the planning process.   Developers will be expected to submit a workplace travel plan in support of any planning application that exceeds certain thresholds as detailed in Cumbria County Council's guidance "Travel Plans and the Planning Process: Guidance for Developers";  this guidance gives full details of what is expected from developers.

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