About Active Travel

Cumbria County Council's Active Travel initiative aims at significantly  increasing the number of students using more sustainable means of travel (including walking, cycling and scooting) to and from school, thus improving their health and fitness.

Active Travel continues to provide advice with updating existing School Travel Plans and new School Travel Plans.

Our approach offers an attractive and effective programme which covers the whole county.  Dozens of schools are already active in all sorts of walking and cycling schemes.  Our aim is to encourage even more schools to join in these schemes.

 Active Travel is part of Highways, Transport and Fleet.

 The team work closely with primary and secondary schools looking at ways to improve modal shift.  This may include introducing walking, cycling and scooting schemes, training, events and competitions, as well as making improvements in route infrastructure.

What we deliver:

  • Feet First - walk, wheel or scoot at least once a week
  • Walk to School Week
  • Walking events and competitions
  • Walking buses
  • Park and stride
  • Bikeability - cycle training
  • Cycling events and competitions - The Big Pedal
  • Advice on bike parking facilities
  • Advice on school travel plans


Nancy Sloan, Active Travel Officer
Telephone:  07971 446231
Email: nancy.sloan@cumbria.gov.uk

Judith Aris, Active Travel Officer
Telephone:  0781 8671874
Email: Judith Aris@cumbria.gov.uk

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