Rural Wheels, Village Wheels and Community Wheels

  • If you need essential transport during the current health emergency. Contact us on 0333 240 69 65 (option 5 - charged at local rates) or at

Rural Wheels provides door to door transport for people who do not have, or are unable to access scheduled transport or have a volunteer driver available. 

The service can be used for a variety of purposes including: 

  • making connections with buses or trains 
  • doctor, Dentist or Optician appointments     
  • visiting friends or family in hospital
  • shopping
  • visiting friends or family.

It does not duplicate other County Council transport provision and therefore cannot be used for transport to day care, school, nursery or college and cannot be used for hospital appointments/treatment if Patient Transport is available. If you need transport to get you to your hospital appointment please check your eligibility for Patient Transport by contacting the Patient Transport Service run by North West Ambulance on 0800 032 3240. 

Rural Wheels uses a 'Smartcard' to pay for travel and a central booking system to plan journeys.  Passengers need to apply for the Smartcard before they are able to travel.  The value of the Smartcard can be topped up with the transport provider or alternatively at some local post offices, libraries and mobile libraries.  Transport requests must be booked by telephone before noon the day before travelling and passengers may be asked to be flexible about their travel time and also to share transport which will be at a reduced fare.

Apply online for Rural Wheels or alternatively download the application form below. 

You can return your downloaded application by post to:

The Rural Wheels Coordinator 
Cumbria County Council 
Cumbria House 
107-117 Botchergate 

or alternatively contact the Rural Wheels coordinator on 01228 226430 to apply over the telephone.

 Title  Date  Size
17/05/2021 1665k
17/05/2021 1303k
17/05/2021 1499k
17/05/2021 1223k
17/05/2021 1461k
17/05/2021 1475k

Provides a timetabled service for communities to their nearest town and uses the Rural Wheels membership scheme, planning service for booking and smartcard for payment.

To find out more about individual Village Wheels schemes please use the links below.  As Village Wheels is not a registered bus service passengers are unable to use their concessionary NOWcards.

Map of where the scheme is in operation (red routes) (PDF 137KB)

 Title  Date  Size
17/05/2021 602k
17/05/2021 607k
17/05/2021 589k
17/05/2021 602k
17/05/2021 859k
17/05/2021 535k
17/05/2021 597k

Government funding has helped to buy 6 new accessible minibuses.  They will provide regular transport, driven by volunteer drivers in areas where scheduled bus services are not available.   

Map of where the scheme is currently in operation (blue routes) (PDF 137KB)

The Council and a local steering group will work together to deliver the service:

Cumbria County Council will:

  • provide the minibus asset and retain ownership of the vehicle
  • work with the community through the steering group to develop the service that meets evidenced need
  • support the recruitment of volunteer drivers
  • ensure volunteer drivers are trained to MiDAS standard and have full vehicle familiarisation.
  • ensure that the community minibuses are legal, roadworthy and in the correct location.  The day to day aspects of this will be delivered by Cumbria Community Transport on behalf of the County Council. 
  • monitor usage, and provide information to the steering group regarding cost of provision and income generated.

The "Community" will:

  • form a steering group and take ownership of the service
  • work with the County Council to develop, support and promote the service
  • recruit a pool of volunteer drivers from their community to drive the minibus.


  • drivers need to have a full driving licence
  • if they passed their test after 1997 they will also need Category D1 on their license (funding available)
  • volunteer mileage expenses are covered at 45p per mile.


  • passengers need to be registered with the Council's Rural Wheels service and should pre-book their seat on the transport.  This is because of the Section 19 permit legislation under which community minibuses can operate and the need for users of the vehicle to be part of a "membership" scheme. 
  • passenger fares are paid by Rural Wheels smartcard at a rate of 25p per mile.  Concessionary NoWcards can't be used on "Community Wheels" services as they are not scheduled bus services.

The minibuses are also available for hire to "not-for-profit" groups through Cumbria Community Transport. This helps to generate additional income and enhance the service viability.  

Demand responsive transport for the residents of Alston Moor Parish.  

Leaflet with more information on how to apply and for details on routes:

 Title  Date  Size
17/05/2020 753k
17/05/2021 1938k

Potential new service in development.  

If you are interested in volunteering as a driver for the scheme, please see leaflet below. 

If you are interested in using a service as a customer, please complete the questionnaire below, to help us design it to meet local needs

 Title  Date  Size
22/02/2022 356k
9/03/2022 386k

Demand responsive transport for residents of Asby; Dufton; Long Marton; Ormside; Sandford; Silverband; providing a link on Fridays to Appleby.

 Title  Date  Size
2/07/2021 765k
21/09/2021 591k
17/08/2020 604k

If you would like to know more about Community Wheels and discuss how this could be a solution to some of your communities transport needs or if you are interested in volunteering as a minibus driver please contact the Integrated Transport Team on 07788 396194 or 0333 240 69 65 (option 5 - charged at local rate)

Are you a Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Licence holder?  If you would like to know more about becoming a Rural Wheels operator, please contact the Rural Wheels Officer:

Telephone: 01228 226430