Bus Stops and Shelters

Bus Stop Improvements

Cumbria County Council employs a Bus Infrastructure Officer, working as part of the Transport Services Team, who monitors infrastructure at bus stops across the county.

A project to upgrade bus stop infrastructure countywide, arranging the installation of new bus stop flags, marking previously unmarked stops, and replacing crumbling and rusted old bus stop poles with anodised aluminium poles, which include timetable cases where required, has taken place in recent years. All new flags and poles are to a standard design to provide a smart, modern, visible indication of the whereabouts of bus stops, for both local residents and visitors.

The officer is keen to hear from members of the public who are aware of any stops requiring an upgraded pole, flag or timetable case. They can be contacted at: integrated.transport@cumbria.gov.uk with details of proposed locations for upgrades.

Whilst there is currently no specific budget for additional improvements such as raised kerbs, bus shelters, seats, road markings etc, they would also welcome these requests which will be recorded and may be considered in the future.

Bus Stop Repairs

If you see an item of bus stop infrastructure that needs a repair or a replacement, such as a broken bus stop flag, or cracked timetable perspex etc, please contact the Bus Infrastructure Officer via integrated.transport@cumbria.gov.uk with full details of the location and action required.

Bus Stop Flags

The standard Cumbria County Council bus stop flag designs are shown below, they are made of pvc and the visible area is 50cms by 30cms.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters round the county are owned by a variety of organisations, Parish, Town, District, City, County councils, or privately. If you wish to report any damage to a bus shelter, or that a shelter is in need of a clean, please email integrated.transport@cumbria.gov.uk with details of the shelter location and the issue. The Bus Infrastructure Officers will forward the issue to the shelter owner.

In Carlisle, a contract has been signed between Cumbria County Council and Clear Channel for Clear Channel to maintain, repair and clean 36 shelters in Carlisle,  see the attached list below. If you find damage to any of these shelters, this can be reported directly to Clear Channel on either telephone: 0800 731 3699 or email: ukcallcentre@clearchannel.co.uk