Older Person's Bus Pass

The age at which you become eligible for an English National Concession bus pass depends on your date of birth.  The table below shows when you will be eligible from your date of birth:

Anyone born before 1 January 1955 is eligible.

Date of birth

   Date when eligible   

Earliest date of application

1 January 1955 to 5 April 1960

   66th Birthday

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 April 1960 to 5 May 1960

   66 years and 1 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 May 1960 to 5 June 1960

   66 years and 2 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 June 1960 to 5 July 1960    

   66 years and 3 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 July 1960 to 5 August 1960

   66 years and 4 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 August 1960 to 5 September 1960

   66 years and 5 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 September 1960 to 5 October 1960

   66 years and 6 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 October 1960 to 5 November 1960

   66 years and 7 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 November 1960 to 5 December 1960

   66 years and 8 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 December 1960 to 5 January 1961

   66 years and 9 month

        2 weeks before your birthday

6 January 1961 to 5 February 1961

   66 years and 10 month

        2 weeks before eligibility date

6 February 1961 to 5 March 1961

   66 years and 11 month

        2 weeks before eligibility date

6 March 1961 to 5 April 1977

   67th birthday

        2 weeks before eligibility date

  • Apply in person (take proof of your ID):
    BarrowKendalPenrithWorkington and Whitehaven libraries are now able to process applications (there may be busy periods at libraries so there may be a short wait)
  • Apply online (have proof of your ID and a recent passport style photograph, to hand)

Proof of ID

You will need to provide one item in list A and one item in list B.  

A - Proof of age

  • birth certificate
  • proof of state pension
  • passport
  • driving licence 

B - Proof of address

  • Council Tax bill
  • utility bill dated within the last 3 months
  • rent book or statement
  • bank statement dated within the last 3 months

You will be sent a renewal form a couple of months before your pass expires with instructions on how to renew.  

There is a £10 charge to replace your lost or damaged card. If your card has been stolen and you have got a police crime number, you won't be charged.

How to order a replacement pass:

At the library 

You can pay the replacement fee and order a new pass at:


Online  (only available to Cumbrian residents) 

If you have a credit or debit card and an email address you can order your replacement pass online. The replacement pass will be sent to the address held on our records for the pass holder. If this address has changed you should let us know.

(The online payment facility is only available to Cumbrian residents.)

By Telephone: 

Telephone: 01228 226720 (available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) - you will need a credit or debit card.

By Post: 

You can apply in writing by sending your name, address and pass number along with a cheque for £10 (made payable to Cumbria County Council) to:

NoWcard Applications 
Cumbria County Council
PO Box 415

If you have moved address:

  • Call the NoWcard helpline on 0300 123 6737

If you have moved out of Cumbria:

If you move outside of Cumbria please return your NoWcard with a letter explaining that you have moved by post to FREEPOST NOWCARD.

If the NowCard holder has passed away:

Please return their NowCard with a letter saying that they have passed away by post to FREEPOST NOWCARD

If you have changed your name, you can:

  • continue to use your NoWcard until it expires then provide evidence of your new name, or
  • change your card if you want it to show your new name. 

You will need to provide proof (Deed Poll or Marriage Certificate)