Rockcliffe Industrial Estate warehouse fire

Work is ongoing to keep a warehouse at Rockcliffe Industrial Estate under careful review following a fire which occurred on Monday 8 November.

You can read the most recent update about this incident on Your Cumbria by searching Rockcliffe Industrial Estate.

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The fire started on Monday 8 November when Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene.

When the fire began, active firefighting from outside of the building took place immediately. This was successful in bringing the fire under control but did not fully extinguish it. After careful assessment, the decision was taken to move to a controlled burn. Since the fire began, this approach has been kept under careful review and we remain confident that a controlled burn is the correct course of action.

The assessment carried out last week identified the risk of any air pollution as very low. However due to ongoing public concern all the agencies involved in this incident have reviewed the situation and have agreed there is no need to change the approach.  If you feel this should be reviewed again please contact UK Health Security Agency, who are the government agency responsible for this area of activity in the UK.

This is being carefully monitored and there have been no reported impacts on any local watercourses.

The site operates under an Environment Agency exemption licence but following a fire of this nature it is standard practice for an investigation to take place.

The site operator is responsible for paying for the clean-up which will be carefully monitored by a range of agencies to ensure all the correct practices and procedures are followed.

We are working hard to keep you informed and following feedback from the community, we are in regular contact with Rockcliffe Parish Council and we are publishing regular updates through the media and through the various agencies' social media accounts.

For the latest updates, please visit Cumbria County Council's Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you have any further questions, please email: