Corporate Procurement - Transport Commissioning Team

The Transport Commissioning Team is part of the Procurement and Contract Management Team within the Resources and Transformation directorate.

For Health, Care and Communities including Children's and Families commissioning please contact Jo Atkinson - Assistant Director for Children, Health and Care Commissioning and for Capital and Infrastructure commissioning please contact Stephen Hall - Assistant Director for Highways, Transport and Fleet.

The purpose of the Commissioning Team is to analyse and prioritise needs in Cumbria, designing services that target our resources in the most effective and efficient way.

What we do?

• Identify Need

• Develop Business Case

• Market Development

Identify Need

The purpose of this team is to support service areas by identifying needs and commissioning services to deliver effective, efficient and best value services and outcomes for its customers. During the commissioning process we engage with all relevant stakeholders and examine different models of delivery. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to find out more and contribute to the shaping of services at regular Engagement Events and via the Commissioning Mailbox

Examples of Data Sources

Develop Business Case

Once the needs have been identified, commissioners will develop a business case which includes: a number of delivery models; an assessment of risk and an Equality Impact Assessment.

Market Development

By developing the market we aim to support providers enabling choice, quality and efficiency to Cumbrian residents.

The Meet the Buyer event informs potential bidders about the requirements of the tender process and provides them with the opportunity to raise any questions.

For more information regarding the next Meet the Buyer event, please contact the Commissioning Team via 01228 226941 or

Market Development Toolkit

Please refer to the 'Market Development Toolkit - MAIN MENU' for the context and explanation of the guidance documents in the table below:



Market Development Toolkit Documents

 Title  Date  Size
3/06/2015 21k
3/06/2015 42k
3/06/2015 23k
3/06/2015 36k
3/06/2015 16k
3/06/2015 26k
3/06/2015 1999k
3/06/2015 19k
3/06/2015 1123k
3/06/2015 1525k
3/06/2015 1505k
3/06/2015 308k
3/06/2015 38k
3/06/2015 59k
3/06/2015 48k
3/06/2015 54k
3/06/2015 8292k
3/06/2015 654k
3/06/2015 40k
3/06/2015 120k
3/06/2015 21k
3/04/2018 432k