Procurement guidance

Expenditure by local authorities is governed by EU Procurement Directives as enforced by the Public Contracts Regulations (2015). This legislation sets out clear guidelines for the award of contracts whose value equals or exceeds specific thresholds. Contracts which fall below the EU financial thresholds must comply with the council's own Contract Procedure Rules which form part of the Constitution. These rules provide formal procedures for all contracting and tendering and regulate the processes used by the council when seeking to procure goods, works and services. These pages outline the thresholds, rules and procedures and provide guidance on how to manage the tender process. Cumbria County Council's full Contract Procedure Rules.

This part of the site also provides some background information into the various strategies, policies and initiatives that effect procurement within the council, including the Cumbria County Council and national procurement strategies, and our sustainable procurement policy. Further guidance can also be accessed from the links below.

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Guidance Documents

 Title  Date  Size
24/07/2018 662k
2/05/2019 402k
16/12/2013 3501k
24/10/2015 24k
3/10/2017 7509k
14/11/2016 1404k
20/02/2018 1776k
2/04/2019 462k
19/12/2016 202k
8/10/2019 44k
31/10/2018 16k
16/10/2018 26k
20/02/2018 162k
20/02/2018 151k
20/02/2018 209k
20/02/2018 106k
20/02/2018 1470k
20/02/2018 1470k
20/02/2018 1597k
17/08/2018 15k
20/02/2018 1598k
4/03/2019 420k
3/10/2017 4448k
3/10/2017 182k
20/02/2018 53k
14/12/2016 1210k
6/09/2018 629k
11/11/2013 903k