Corporate Procurement - tendering and contracts

Here you will find useful information and the latest news on current opportunities to tender for with Cumbria County Council. All contracts over £ 50,000 procured by the council will be published through our Contracts Register. 

Pipeline of future contracts (subject to change) (PDF 1MB)

For tendering of contracts, Cumbria County Council use an electronic tendering portal called 'The Chest'. The Chest is a web based system and anyone that has access to the internet and email can use it. Suppliers can register for free online to receive email updates on opportunities that match their capabilities. The system can be accessed from anywhere at anytime and allows the flexibility for tendering to be done electronically.

Register at the Chest

The Chest - User Guidance (PDF 1MB)

Guide to Doing Business with the Council (PDF 7MB)

Cumbria County Council also make use of national frameworks for procurement of some services, goods and works where this is the right option for the Council. Details of these frameworks and the opportunity to register your business on these frameworks can be done by following the links below.




Crown Commercial Services

Central Buying Consortium

From time to time as part of the commissioning process, the Council needs to re-contract providers of residential and nursing care. The Council is therefore launching the 'Open Framework for the Provision of Older Adults Residential and Nursing Care Services', a new contract for providers of Older Adults residential and nursing care services. Via this new contract, the Council is aiming to support the provider market to develop the increasingly complex residential and nursing care services required to meet the changing needs of the Cumbrian population. 

For further information please Email:

Open Framework Clarification Responses following on from enquiries made to Cumbria County Council (PDF 142KB)

Due to European legislation, Cumbria County Council are required to implement a new process for providers to contract with Cumbria County Council to deliver free early years entitlements.

Next steps

Providers will be asked to complete and submit a short questionnaire, the quality response and provide a copy of their last Ofsted report.

The provider contract has been updated and will be issued to providers for consultation as outline in the timetable below.  

Questionnaires and Quality responses MUST be submitted to the 'chest' or to by the deadline.

Once the application forms have been received and verified and the provider contract has been finalised, Early Years Education and Childcare Provider contract will be issued to providers to sign and return.

The length of the contract will be 5 years, with options for Cumbria County Council to extend or revise as appropriate.

Any questions can be submitted to and responses will be updated on the web page during the consultation period for all providers to read.

Cumbria County Council is responsible for delivering outcomes for the people of Cumbria in line with the Public Health Outcomes Framework.  In support of this, the Council invites primary care providers with premises based in Cumbria to apply for entry onto an appropriate open framework to provide public health services, as below:- 

GP Open Framework questions and answers (WORD 16KB)

Lot 1: Delivery of the national NHS Health Check programme to registered patients

Lot 2: Screening and treatment of asymptomatic sexually transmitted infection (STI Level 1)

Lot 3: Assessment and treatment of symptomatic sexually transmitted infection (STI Level 2)

Lot 4: Insertion and removal of contraceptive hormonal implants

Lot 5: Insertion and removal of intra-uterine contraceptive devices/systems (IUCD/S)

Next Steps

Providers are asked to review tender documentation and supporting information provided for this framework. Questionnaires and Tender responses MUST be submitted to or via our tender portal the 'chest' by the closing date 28th August 2018 at 12 noon.

Tender Documents and Supporting information

GP (lot1) NHS HC 2018 (WORD 2.5MB)

GP (Lots 2 and 3) STI 2018 (WORD 87KB)

GP (Lots 4 and 5) LARC 2018 (WORD 42KB)

GP Invitation to Apply (WORD 1.7MB)

GP - Service Questionnaire (WORD 17KB)

Standard Questionnaire General Practice Open Framework (WORD 36KB)

Schedule 5 - Certificate of Non-Collusion (WORD 1.4MB)

Schedule 6 - Form of application (WORD 1.4MB)

Schedule 7 - Confidential Information (WORD 1.5MB)

Framework Agreement (WORD 194KB)

Call off Terms and Conditions (PDF 93KB)

Pharmacy Open Framework questions and answers (WORD 16KB)

Lot 1: Sexual Health services in the community pharmacy setting.

Lot 2: Stop Smoking support 

Lot 3: Provision of influenza vaccine to Cumbria County Council staff (Voucher scheme)

Tender Documents and Supporting information

Pharmacy - Service Questionnaire (WORD 16KB)

Pharmacy Invitation to Apply (WORD 1.7MB)

Standard Questionnaire Community Pharmacy Open Framework (WORD 36KB)

EHC Spec 2018 (WORD 417KB)

Stop Smoking Support Spec 2018 (WORD 43KB)

Voucher Scheme Flu Spec 2018 (WORD 38KB)

Schedule 5 - Certificate of Non-Collusion (WORD 1.4MB)

Schedule 6 - Form of application (WORD 15KB)

Schedule 7 - Confidential Information (WORD 1.5MB)

Framework Agreement (WORD 418KB)

Call off Terms and Conditions (PDF 191KB)

Applications will be evaluated as soon as the documents are published on the 27 July 2018. The contract start date will commence on the 1 October 2018 and the end date will be 31 March 2023.