No Cold Calling Zones

What are No Cold Calling Zones?

The aim of a No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) is to work in partnership to reduce the overall incidents of rogue trading and distraction burglary throughout Cumbria.  Quite simply, NCCZ (the Zones) are about local residents or communities having the confidence to say "No" to uninvited sales people and to warn rogue traders and cold callers that they are not welcome in an area.

No Cold Calling Zones are created to discourage doorstep callers from visiting a particular area.  The zones are easily identifiable by signs visibly promoting the message that cold callers are not welcome.  Traders are urged to respect residents' wishes and not to cold call within the clearly defined area.

There are a number of NCCZ's already established within Cumbria, a full list can be found here:

No Cold Calling Zones (PDF 58KB)

No Cold Calling Zone Toolkit

Zones can now be set up by residents and local communities using a self-help toolkit.  Whilst every area may not be suitable, advice and guidance will be provided.  The toolkit includes a step by step guide with draft letters and voting forms.  Door stickers and street signs will also be provided following consultation with key partner agencies ahead of the launch of a Zone.

Please find links to the toolkit and associated documentation below:

Should you wish to make any enquiries about a zone in your area please contact us.