Do I need to register?

If your business carries out any of the following then it is likely that the legislation applies to you and you should be registered:

Manufacturing animal feeds

Marketing animal feeds

Importing animal feeds

Storing animal feeds

Transporting animal feeds and grain

Selling co-products of the food industry as feeds

Carrying out on-farm mixing

Feeding food-producing animals

Growing crops to be used as animal feeds

Carrying out other controlled activities

To apply for registration you can complete the Application Form or contact Trading Standards, County Offices, Stricklandgate, Kendal, LA9 4RQ, should you require any assistance.

Tel: 01539 713594   Fax: 01539 713580    Email:


Animal Feed Registration

The Feed Hygiene Regulations apply to businesses that manufacture, use or market animal feeds; this includes most livestock farms and arable farms that grow, use or sell crops for feed use.

Farmers, as primary producers, must be registered with the local authority and follow basic hygiene procedures even if they are not mixing in relation to the feed they use or grow, to ensure that hazards are properly controlled.

To register, please contact us - Trading Standards, County Offices, Stricklandgate, Kendal, LA9 4RQ

Tel: 01539 713594    Fax: 01539 713580   Email:


Registering as a livestock keeper

If you keep cattle, sheep, goats, or pigs, you must register with Rural Payments Agency Customer Registration to obtain a County Parish Holding number (CPH) for the land where the livestock will be kept.  This is the case, even if you keep only one or two animals as pets. 


Keeping Poultry

A commercial poultry premises with 50 or more birds, even if the premises is only stocked with 50 or more birds for part of the year, must be registered on the GB Poultry Register.  Other premises may be registered on a voluntary basis.

Horse Passports

Owners must have a passport for each horse.  'Horse' includes horses, ponies, donkeys, mules or cross-breeds of these species.  Further information can be found on the Government webpage Getting and using a horse passport.