Community support review process

Right of appeal

1. This is a non statutory service and not part of the national benefits framework. As there is no right of appeal through the Tribunal Service CCC will implement a Review Process.

2.  The customer (or their representative) will have the right to request a review if they are not happy with the support, advice or assistance that they have been given based on their presenting needs.

3.  The reasons a customer may want to request a review are:

  • Support or assistance refused
  • Method of assistance inappropriate
  • Decline in level of financial assistance

When requesting a review, customers will be invited to explain the reason/s why they feel the original decision does not appropriately represent their needs, and provide any additional evidence or information to support this view.

4.  The Review Process will consist of two stages:

4.1 Stage one

All requests for a review will be considered within 5 working days, and a Stage 1 response will be confirmed within seven working days. This stage will be carried out by a different officer to the one who made the original decision.

4.2 Stage two

If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1 they may request escalation to Stage 2. All requests for escalation to Stage 2 will be considered within 5 working days, and a final response will be confirmed within 7 working days. Stage 2 will be carried out by a senior officer. The senior officer will take account all the information and evidence, and will review and the reasonableness of the decision made. The final response decision will be notified in writing (or via an appropriate format) within 7 working days of the customer requesting escalation to Stage 2.

4.3 If the customer (or their representative) is not satisfied with the final outcome of the review they have the right to contact Local Government Ombudsman direct.

5. If a customer is not happy with a particular member of staff (who for example may have showed malice, offensiveness, bias or unfair discrimination) they can make a complaint through the Corporate Complaints Process.

Contact details

Local Government Ombudsman Direct: call the LGO Advice Team on 0300 061 0614. It is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

Adult Social Care Complaints team: 01228 227140