Mount Pleasant Road receives Alleygates

Alleygates for Mount Pleasant Road residents


Alley Gates

Local residents and Cumbria County Council have come together to reduce Anti Social Behaviour on a Carlisle estate
The residents of Mount Pleasant road, Upperby, have been working with their local Councillor to put gates up to the rear of their homes and reduce the unwanted behaviour that had been happening over the years.
Andrea Irving, and her neighbours on Mount Pleasant Road, had been plagued by flytipping and antisocial behaviour taking place in the alley to the rear of their houses, "People would come from all over to dump TVs, fridges and all kinds of things because it's a quiet back alley and we just had to do something about it". Fellow neighbour, Bob Abernethy, recalls the time a vehicle was once abandoned at the back of his house, "I couldn't get into the back lane from my own home because there was a 4 x 4 dumped and blocking the way! It could have been very dangerous in an emergency"
Andrea has lived on the street for over 15 years and has always been proud of the community, "I have some great neighbours and it is a nice area to live in, but because the alley is hidden away it became full of other peoples rubbish, at night you wouldn't know who was down there and it became a no go area for us".
The neighbours met up to look at solutions and had read in the News and Star that they could put gates at the entrances to the alley as a way to stop the problem. "We thought that this would be the best way to take back control of the alley area, which is part of our property", said Andrea, "we could then make it a nicer place for us to use". The group raised some money towards the costs of the gates, to be designed and installed by local firm Brunstock Engineering.
The local County Councillor for the area, Stewart Young, found out about the group and wanted to support them with a recommendation that £ 1,500 be awarded towards the costs of the gates from the County's Community Grants scheme.
"One of our priorities at the Council is to support community led initiatives", said Councillor Young, "and I felt it was important to recognise the work that these residents have done to improve the local area and address an important issue."
The gates have been in place for a few weeks now and have made an immediate impact on the street. "There was many a month I would pick up 30 or 40 empty cans in the back lane", said Bob, "but since the gates have been put up I have had nothing to pick up at all"
"I definitely feel more secure and the place looks nicer now that the gates are in" said Andrea, "It shows what communities can do when they get together"






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