Partnership and commissioning brings arts to disadvantaged residents: Case Study - Prism Arts

County Council's Adult Social Care services actively commissions high quality creative opportunities delivered by Cumbrian based arts organisations including Prism Arts

Cumbria County Council commissions in 2013 have funded organisations like Prism Arts to meet council priorities by delivering arts projects that meet the needs of disabled residents, adults with profound and multiple learning disability, older people and people with mental health needs.

Schemes funded by the council 2013 include:

  • Cultural Grants Programme: The council has funded a programme of Inclusive Arts projects, match funded by Arts Council of England, enabling Prism Arts to develop new pilot projects with disability and third sector organisations. 

  • Cumbria County Council Life Matters programme: Prism Arts and New Arts North won a tender as part of this commissioning programme to improve the wellbeing of Cumbrian residents with mental health needs.  Amazing Art and Singing for Wellbeing are creative workshops designed to support people with mental health needs.

  • Carlisle Day Services: Arts workshops with profound learning disabled adults at Carlton Day Centre in Carlisle.  Prism Arts has been commissioned to support staff and centre managers to develop and deliver a creative programme that meets the needs of service users within the centre.

Commissioning arts organisations to undertake projects like this enables the council to support high quality access to arts and culture for vulnerable and older Cumbrian residents. This approach to cultural investment offers good value for money by encouraging partnership and collaboration between the arts, the third sector, public sector, private sector and voluntary sector. 

For more information contact Cherrie Trelogan on 01228 227 339 or email