County Council launches CRISP 2 to help communities help themselves

Cumbria County Council is launching a new programme to support communities to help themselves to protect rural services.  The programme is aimed at both social enterprises and commercial businesses that provide jobs and services in rural areas.

The scheme which is jointly funded by Cumbria County Council, the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and Cumbria Community Foundation, is a follow-up to the previous CRISP (Cumbria Rural Infrastructure Support Programme) programme which assisted 60 rural businesses and created or protected 90 jobs across the County.

The county council is continually working to support social enterprises such as this, in order to improve the economic opportunities and services open to Cumbrian residents.

The Programme will be looking to support projects such as:

  • Establishing or sustaining community retail services such as village shops and post offices
  • New and innovative community services
  • 'Pub is the Hub' type initiatives
  • Relocating services into existing premises such as shops or post offices into village halls. 
  • Diversifying the use of community-owned property (the community centre etc) by hosting services, creating a multi-service 'hub' or using the property for trading activities.
  • Community asset realisation projects. 
  • Community led renewable energy schemes
  • New Childcare facilities.
  • Credit Union development
  • Transition town type initiatives. 

The Programme will be managed by the County's two RDPE Teams, Fells and Dales in the south and Solway, Border and Eden in the North.

For more information contact Paul Dodson, Economic Programmes Manager at the council at