Touring theatre brings art to Cumbria`s rural communities

Arts out West and it's sister company Highlights in the east of the county are Cumbria's touring theatre organisations, which bring top quality professional entertainment to village halls. 

The rural touring theatre began in 1999 when a handful of halls volunteered to get involved. This has now expanded with more than fifty public performances taking place in twenty halls across Allerdale and Copeland.

The county council provides financial support to the charity, enabling them to continue bringing arts to the more isolated parts of the county. 

Steering groups at village halls are made up of local resident volunteers. The groups select theatre productions from a menu of acts including music, drama, dance, comedy, travel talks, and puppets and children's shows. 

The village hall committee promotes the show in their local community, and on the night looks after the artists and the audience. Several halls, having gained confidence by promoting shows on the scheme, are now booking their own acts independently of Arts Out West.

The county council is continually working to support third sector arts organisations such as this, in order to improve access to arts and culture for Cumbrian residents.

For more information contact Cherrie Trelogan on 01228 227 339 or email