Youth homelessness - parental responsibility

Parents of, or those who have parental responsibility for, 16 and 17 year olds are responsible for their children's welfare.  Our key commitment is to keep families together in their homes wherever possible because this is best for the young person, where it is safe to do so.  There is a range of preventative work taking place at a local level, which supports this.  For most young people, staying in their family home (with support) is usually the best outcome for them and support can be accessed whilst a young person is still at home.


We will always expect to speak to the parent/carer about why the young person cannot go home and talk about whether we could offer any help (not financial) to keep the young person at home.


If at any point there are concerns for the young person's safety, possible Child Sexual Exploitation or there are Safeguarding concerns then a referral to the Safeguarding Hub should be made on:

0333 240 1727