Youth homelessness - professionals - early help assessments

The Early Help Assessment is a way of making sure a young person gets the right help as soon as possible.

Early Help is the support that can be provided for a child, young person or family who may have additional needs, which cannot be met by universal provision, and there is perceived to be no risk of significant harm.  The purpose is to bring relevant agencies together at the earliest stage in order to support the young person and their family.  Agencies who could be involved are midwives, police, schools, colleges, health visitors, GPs etc.  The Early Help Team is in place to support people working on Early Help Assessments and to offer advice and guidance.  Further information can be found at

The Early Help Assessment is voluntary which means young people don't have to take part.  They are also encouraged to choose who co-ordinates the assessment. 

If at any point, there are concerns for the young person's safety, possible Child Sexual Exploitation or there are safeguarding concerns then a referral to the Safeguarding Hub should be made on 0333 240 1727.