Youth homelessness - information for professionals

Are you working with a homeless or potentially homeless 16/17 year old?  If they're not open to a statutory agency (i.e. Children's Services/YOS) our team can help.

As Baroness Hale pointed out in the Southwark judgement, very few 16-17 year olds who present as homeless, will have a pure housing need.  Young people often have a range of complex needs, which if they are not supported to overcome/address, can prevent them from moving on and result in a problematic housing history with repercussions for later life. 

In recognition of this, there has been a significant amount of partnership work that has been undertaken in Cumbria since 2013, aimed at improving our response to young people who present as homeless, developing consistent and effective partnership working that uses the good professional judgement from a range of organisations and makes best use of our evolving Early Help offer.  Our Joint Protocol has been in place since 2013 and there are several key aspects to our approach which are different to what has gone before.  More information can be found on the Joint Protocol section.

The Early Help Officers for Youth Homelessness can help young people who are not open to statutory services with the following:

• Supporting them on an Early Help Assessment;
• Accommodation issues, including family relationships;
• Helping them access other services/agencies which may be able to help further;
• Accessing supported accommodation;
• Making a claim for benefit;
• Helping them explore education/work/training options;
• Accessing the local Food Bank.

To find the Early Help Worker for Youth Homelessness please select the relevant district in the Who to contact page.