Housing for young people - support and early help

This section is all about the kind of help we can offer with accommodation and other issues.


The Early Help Assessment is a way of making sure you get the right help as soon as possible.

An Early Help Assessment is a voluntary assessment which you may agree to in order to work out what support you might need.  This could include help with drugs/alcohol, finding education/training, learning support etc.  If your parent/carer needs support they can also be involved.  All the agencies involved with you can talk to each other and this means you won't have to keep telling your story to different people - they can talk to each other about you and how best to support you.  If you agree to this you will be asked to sign a consent form after telling your story.  This consent form allows the person to tell the other professionals your story then everyone (including you) gets together to do an Action Plan.  This is about what you want and how you think you would like to be supported and should get you the right kind of support from the right people.

You will have a Co-ordinator who will co-ordinate your Early Help Assessment.  You can choose who you want your Co-ordinator to be.  This person will listen to your worries, support you and keep you informed about what's happening.

The information on your Early Help Assessment will not be shared with anyone else unless you agree.  The only times we can share information without you agreeing would be:

• When they need to find out urgently if you or someone else is at risk of harm;
• To help you or someone else who is at risk of harm;
• To help stop a crime.

If you think you need some help with housing and are aged 16-17 years old, contact the Youth Homelessness & Housing Team.

Diane Harrison (Intensive Early Help Manager, Youth Homelessness, Health & Wellbeing, Countywide) on 07876 650164

Andrew Kennedy (Case Officer, Carlisle and Eden) on 07855 408488

Emmie Sutherland (Case Officer, Barrow and South Lakes) on 07825 313726

Helen Walker (Case Officer, Allerdale and Copeland) on 07825 340628

If you need help with housing and are 18 years and over, contact the housing team in your local council.  You can find contact details on the Useful Contacts page.

We are always looking for ways we can improve how we work. If you have worked with one of the team and re happy to give some feedback, please click here.